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Baggarly, Samuel J. Baggarly, Samuel J. (540)635-5645 
Bain, Paula First Bank (540)636-6149(540)636-9216 
Baker, Lisa Sunshine Title & Settlement, Inc. (844)392-5673(540)635-3018 
Baker, Mark Economic Development Authority (540)539-5147 
Baldwin, Jeremy L & B Portables LLC (540)683-9673 
Baldwin, Jeremy River Run Campground LLC (540)683-9673 
Barber, Sherisue Rapid Rehabilitation, PC (540)636-3500(540)636-3502 
Barnhart, Alice Main Street Mill Restaurant (540)636-3123 
Barrett, Kelly Marriott Ranch (540)364-2627 
Bates, Justin Jack Evans Chevrolet (540)635-2153 
Baughn, Lowell Skyline Caverns (540)635-4545(540)636-8059 
Bayer, Mary Holiday Inn & Suites Front Royal Blue Ridge Shadows (540)631-3050(540)631-3023 
Beck, Emily Marlow Marlow Motor Company, Inc. (540)635-4158(540)635-1197 
Bell, Richard Adams Companies, The (540)667-2424(540)667-2441 
Belson, Jim Axalta Coating Systems (540)622-1261 
Berry, Terry Schewel Furniture Co. (540)635-2765(540)622-6134 
Biggs, Bryon Edward Jones (540)635-1064(866)532-8680 
Binnix, Christine Avery Hess (540)683-0309 
Blake, Shari Front Royal Federal Credit Union (540)635-7133(540)635-6036 
Blanton, Alexander Economic Development Authority (540)622-2307 
Blosser, Kimberly Lord Fairfax Community College (800)906-5322(540)868-7100 
Boies, Brandy Lord Fairfax Community College (540)868-7161 
Boies, Melissa Warren Memorial Hospital (540)636-0398(540)636-0342 
Boita, Carson Happy Creek Coffee & Tea (540)660-2133 
Bolen, Brooks Skyline Caverns (540)635-4545(540)636-8059 
Bowen, Lee Ramsey Hardware (540)635-2547(540)635-5459 
Bowers, Meghan Humane Society of Warren County (540)635-4734(540)635-0262 
Brady, Jason Oak View National Park (540)359-7100 
Bramble, Tina Aire Serve Heating & Air Conditioning (540)631-9670(540)636-6456 
Bresch, Jan Special Love Inc., for children with cancer/Camp Fantastic (540)667-3774(540)667-8144 
Broadhead, D.M.D., Frederick and Daisy Front Royal Dental Care, LLC (540)635-4567 
Brooks, Celeste Randolph-Macon Academy (540)636-5200(540)636-5419 
Brown, Therese Downtown Catering Company (540)622-2252 
Brown, Warren ERA Brown & Rutherford Realty (540)636-6121(540)636-4288 
Bryant, Aneita By His Hands - David & Aneita Bryant (540)636-1581 
Budzisz, Tiffany Art in the Valley LLC (540)252-2260 
Bunch, Tammy G & M Auto Sales, Inc. (540)635-2222(540)635-2005 
Buracker, Martha Browntown Community Center Association, Inc. (540)636-1879(540)636-1591 
Burkett, Amanda Gordmans (540)635-3101 
Busch, D.C., C.C.S.P., C.S.C.S, Dr. Jeremy Performance Sport and Spine (540)635-4440(540)635-4450 
Butler, Mark Mark Butler (571)245-8235 

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