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Ramsey, Chris S. Royal Oak Properties, Inc. Real Estate Agent (540)635-6166(540)635-6169 
Redstrom-Plourd, Rev. Dr. Martha Wedded Bliss (540)974-2191 
Riffle, Pam Chamber of Commerce (540)635-3185 
Riner-Biggs, Sue FMC  
Roberts, Donald L. Front Royal Canoe Co. (540)635-5440(540)635-1574 
Robinson, Mary Kathryn Valley Health Occupational Health Services (540)536-2210(540)536-2206 
Rogers, Skip Able Forces Foundation (540)631-9600 
Romer, Rhonda Sysco Northeast Redistribution Center (540)631-2300 
Rosa, Vicki Shenandoah Storage (540)635-7747(540)635-1066 
Rosa, Vicki Shenandoah Valley Moving & Storage, Inc. (540)635-6683(540)635-1066 
Rosenberry, Tanya Sona Bank (540)631-1185(540)635-1427 
Rushton, David P. Able Building Inspection, Inc. (540)636-6200(540)636-6202 
Rutherford, Bobby ERA Brown & Rutherford Realty (540)671-6121(540)636-4288 
Rutherford, Lisa First Bank  
Ryan, Pam CASA Children's Intervention Services (703)330-8145 

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